It’s the holiday season and even though it is supposed to be the season of “peace and good will toward men,” it sometimes seems like we, as human beings on this planet, are really struggling to make that our collective experience.

With all of the serious issues going on in the world today, I can’t help but observe and see all of the fear that is rising to the surface in the form of racism, radical religious extremism, violence, and name calling. In general, it is humanity gone awry and unfortunately, fear is the very thing that amplifies it all. Thus, creating more of what we fear while taking the energy and intensity to a whole other level of hysteria.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I also can’t help but think what Michael would say and do if he was still on this planet in his physical body. Would I be going out on a limb to say that Michael would be rising to the occasion to emphatically and passionately declare that it all needs to stop now? That we need to quit driving the wedge of separation between us because of our perceived differences and instead, focus on that which is ultimately real – LOVE — and the power to transform the world?

Healing the world starts by embracing the reality that WE ARE THE WORLD. No exceptions. Every single human being, no matter what race, skin color, religion, or nation… WE ARE ALL CONNECTED and therefore, ALL OF US ARE RESPONSIBLE. As I write about in my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul – and as Michael lived his whole life teaching over and over again, wanting everyone to understand in their hearts — ALL OF US ARE ONE COLLECTIVE SOUL. And for Michael Jackson fans who especially profess to be his “followers,” that means us, above all else.

Sadly and shockingly, I have experienced more “separation,” unkindness, and disrespect within the Michael Jackson fan community than I care to admit. At times, I have wondered if we have really heard what Michael was saying? Have we really listened and taken his lyrics to heart and are following his example? Did we all not hear him say, “we are the world,” that we must STOP the separation and love each other, that we must take a look at ourselves in the mirror to “make that change” and to heal the world, time and time again? It would be really difficult to miss that point – the one and only point he lived and GAVE his whole life for.

Aside from that and from a more global perspective, I also have wondered most recently, how must Michael — from his spiritual position residing and overseeing our planet right now — be thinking and feeling? Is this what he gave his life for? Continued dissension? Continued war? Continued emphasis on guns and violence? Continued fear that doesn’t come from the Truth of who we are – that we are all connected in the heart – rather that comes from the ego within all of us that not only lives from fear, but does everything in it’s power to control, separate and kill from this delusional state of mind?

As a seeker of Universal truth and the profound nature of our Spirit ever since I was a teenager, I can see the very things I’ve studied coming into fruition and the key thing that stands out is the concept that there really are only two states of being/emotions: Love and fear. Two very powerful energy forces, yet one arguably more powerful than the other, but requires a deeper look into the collective human soul and who we all are; that which is love.

In studying A Course in Miracles through the likes of Marianne Williamson, Gary Renard, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle, the world today and it’s chronic and intensified state of fear, violence and war is all a product of the human ego – that delusional part of ourselves that BELIEVES we are separate from each other and so in order to feel any sense of power, control or validation, needs to attack our own brothers and sisters… those who we perceive are somehow different than us. The ego believes wholeheartedly in its self-righteousness and justifies fear and violence as though gasping for its last breath.

It is the collective delusional ego that creates religions that dangerously promote fear of each other by grossly misinterpreting God/Allah/the Universal Life Force/Source/the Divine Energy that is Love and in turn, like cancer, begins to eat and kill its own flesh. It is the collective delusional ego that believes it’s only sense of safety, security, and protection comes in a form of a gun. It’s the collective delusional ego that believes it’s somehow “better than” someone else and has more rights than another because of, once again, a moral misinterpretation of “God’s word.”

THIS is the world of the ego. How does it look? How does it feel? Scary? Yes. Because the ego thrives on and lives in fear. Why? Because as cunning as the ego is, it also knows it is a flat out lie – a false reality with NO anchor in Truth. And just like someone who lives paranoid because one day they know they are going to be found out, this is the ego at its best, while it threatens and kills violently at its worse.

Deep sigh…

So what do we do? How do we “fight” an entity that you can’t necessarily touch? After all, fear isn’t a physical object; it’s an energy, a feeling. But the world is a mirror and we are all mirrors to each other. So, what are we reflecting? What do we see? What do we experience? What “wolf” are we feeding? Fear or love? Separation or connectedness? Violence or peace?


All of the great spiritual and peaceful leaders of our world have spoken and lived their lives from a place in their heart and soul that promotes non-violence: Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, to name a few. All have changed the world in their own way and have moved humanity forward by choosing something different – the heart where we are all connected – something so beyond the ego. They chose the deeper truth and path of the human spirit, of something bigger than all of us and yet, is ultimately who we all are.

So how do we transform and heal the world? Where and how do we even start?

We begin with our own hearts. We begin by “looking at ourselves and making that change.” We begin by seeing our part in it. We begin by seeing where WE believe we feel disconnected from our own hearts, souls and Source. And we start with forgiveness.

Mandela quote

Healing the world, transforming the world from a planet of violence to a planet of peace begins with forgiving ourselves. (I keep thinking of Michael in “This Is It”… “it starts with us, or else it will never be done.”). Yes. It’s about healing our own anger and violence that lives within us. It’s about healing the hate. It’s about healing the misperception that we could actually be separate from the mentally ill human being that uses a gun to kill innocent people or the religious extremist that has to use violence, fear and intimidation to somehow feel important and validated in the world, when in truth, they feel empty, lost, and beyond scared.

Have we not all felt empty, lost and beyond scared at some point in our lives?

But this is what needs forgiveness. Why? Because it reflects the part of all of us that has lost our way, that hasn’t resolved our own anger and found peace within our own hearts. That part of us that feels empty, scared, and powerless. That part of us that attacks and rages against our own loved ones, not to mention our own neighbors. That part of us that feels the only way to be seen is to feel “better than” another human being by way of religion, skin color, sexual orientation, religious morality, etc, etc. In essence, it is the part of us that has forgotten our truth – the part that has forgotten who we really are: that we are LOVE, that we are ONE, and that in the heart space (where our collective spirit and soul reside), we are all connected, the same being dealing with the same human ego issues, just trying to find our way in a world to feel significant, to feel seen.

As much as we try to and justify, there is no difference between us and “them.” None.

So, bringing it back to what we are seeing and experiencing in the world these days – issues with ISIS, issues with “immigrants” and refugees seeking a better life, issues with angry gunmen lashing out with craziness, we must take a look in our own mirror and ask ourselves, what am I choosing? What lens of perception am I looking through? Am I contributing to that world of fear? Or a world of peace? What vibration of energy is in my heart? Am I a conduit of love and unity, or of fear, anger and separation?

MLK quote

Healing the world isn’t out there; it starts right here – in our own heart.

As the quote from A Course in Miracles states, “the miracle is a change in perception” and we ALL have the power to look within and heal – to become a miracle of love and healing.

This is what Michael Jackson lived his whole life trying to get everyone to see – “heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.” But it isn’t just about saying or singing those nice words, it’s about taking action within ourselves to heal what needs to be healed within our own soul and in our own backyard. It’s about taking personal responsibility for the energy that we carry out into the world and what we share with others. It’s about living as the example that inspires people to do better and to be better. It’s about others feeling hope and being reminded of all the goodness in the world, just by being in your presence.

As I heard Michael say to me one moment three years after he transitioned to Spirit (as I share in the last chapter of my book),:

“Now is the time for all of you to step up to the plate in your own heart, to take responsibility for healing yourselves so that together we can heal the world.”

Contrary to what the ego mind would have us believe, we are not American, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Iranian, Black, White, Republican, Democrat, Male, Female, Gay, Straight, Syrian, Native American, Immigrant…

We are human beings and WE ARE THE WORLD.

Embracing all of us with love, joy, peace and connection this holiday season! From my heart to yours, may the LOVE of God bless all of us, now and forever!


To a world of radiant light!


Lisa Brisse

Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in the Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

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