The Book

Table of Contents

Part One

The Beginning

  1. Heal the World: A Meeting About Planet Earth
  2. HIStory, MYstory

Part Two

From Minnesota to Michael: A Mystical Journey of Magic & Miracles

  1. Minnesota: The “Michael Miracles” Begins
  2. The Sixth Sense: A Window Into Another Reality
  3. A Psychic in Sedona: The Gateway to the Renaissance
  4. The Renaissance Man Emerges
  5. The Concert: An Experience of the Man, the Magic, and the Music
  6. A Move to California: Journey of the Heart
  7. The Synchronicities Continue—Michael is Everywhere
  8. The Painting: A Past Life Revealed
  9. “I Was Led Here in a Dream. . .”
  10. A Vision Becomes Manifest
  11. Neverland: An Experience of a Lifetime
  12. The Artist: A Real-Life Michelangelo
  13. Life Lessons Learned from Michael: Magic is All Around!

Part Three

Neverland: The Child’s Heart

  1. Childhood: Embracing the Child in All of Us

Part Four

The Rise & Fall of a Gallant Star

  1. Into the Sun: A Journey of Spirit
  2. Into the Darkness: A Journey Into Ego

Part Five

This Is It: The Final Act

  1. June 25, 2009: Mission Completed–Michael Comes Home
  2. “The Book”: A Purpose Becomes Clear
  3. This Is It: LOVE

Part Six

The Man in Our Mirror

  1. Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror
  2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: An Obsession With Image
  3. Black or White: A Universal Soul
  4. The Way You Make Me Feel . . .or Not: A Society and Its Addictions
  5. You’re Just Another Part of Me: We’re All One
  6. We Are the World. . .Heal the World
  7. Earth Song: A Call from the Deepest Part of Our Heart

Part Seven

The Reflections

  1. Tragic or Magic: It Is Our Choice
  2. His Final but Eternal Message: Where There Is Love, I’ll Be There


Chapter 1 Excerpt

Heal the World: A Meeting About Planet Earth

Only a few days after Michael died, I began having visions. From what I could see, this was a council meeting of the Elder Light Beings who oversee our planet.

I could hear the head elder address the council:

Angels and archangels, I have called you to this meeting out of the deepest love for our Earthbound brothers and sisters to discuss how we can help Planet Earth. We need someone willing to volunteer to manifest human form to take humankind under his wing. Your light will shine brightly and capture the hearts of all who experience your voice, your energy, and your dancing. You will awaken them to listen and live from their heartsthe child’s heart within them all. You will bring joy and hope to many around the world.

Yes, this sounds like a glorious task, but here’s the rest of the storythe painful part, but also the most important. Your painful “fall from grace” ­– your downward spiral into ego-consciousness – will cause you great pain and suffering, but not without great purpose. The purpose is to serve as a reflection, a mirror, to all who are awake and can see themselves in your examplethe full embodiment of the human condition. Your lifetime has the potential to showfor those who are willing to open their hearts and recognize itwhat it means to shed light on all the dark places that everyone has in their soul, so that healing can take place through awareness. Your ‘death’ will move many and bring much light to the darkness. Your life will create a window for others to open their hearts to the truth. In the end, your message will be about love.

With this said, do I have any volunteers for this extremely poignant role in the history and ascension of Earth?

After a brief silence, one small, childlike soul with the kindest of smiles raised his hand: “I will do it. I am willing.”

The meeting adjourned, and on August 29, 1958, Michael Joseph Jackson was born…

Chapter 12 Excerpt

To Michael: A Minnesota Vision Becomes Manifest

The three things I need in my life to be happy are kids, music, and animals.” —Judi Brisse

…Michael was in the midst of his Dangerous Tour when Mom started her stint at Neverland, which was probably good since it allowed her to get used to her new position and accept the fact that she was actually working at Neverland Valley Ranch. She didn’t know when she would meet “the Boss” but she knew it was only a matter of time. And then that day came. She reflects on that moment:

I was there all of two weeks, I believe, and was actually so glad that Michael wasn’t around, simply because I couldn’t have handled it if he had been. There was already way too much for me to get comfortable with, much less having a superstar walk in and say “Hi!” Oh boy, that was actually the part I dreaded, but I knew it was going to be a reality at some point. Well, that point came sooner than later, and of course, it’s when I am all alone in the laundry room, just folding towels and having a quiet moment by myself, when here comes the superstar in his black hat and long black tresses, walking by the window. I think to myself, can this be? He is all by himself, I am all by myself, This is not how I imagined meeting the “King of Pop,” in such a quiet environment, with no one around; just him, all by himself…

Chapter 13 Excerpt

Neverland: An Experience of a Lifetime

I think back to the days of riding Little Miss through the Minnesota countryside, by myself. It was quiet and peaceful, and even though I was with my best friend, Miss, I was lonely. These were the days when I used to dream—dream about traveling the world, about making a difference, about having a friend (or friends) to share my dreams with. Often, I would just dream about living my dreams.

Michael was present with me back then. Who he was in his heart, in his outlook on life, and in his caring for the world, gave me, the 18-year-old Lisa, hope. I was so grateful that there was another person out there in the world who seemed to have the same depth of thought and vision for our planet as I did. It made me feel like I wasn’t so alone, that I wasn’t so crazy. I dreamed of maybe meeting him one day, not because of who he was, the world’s greatest entertainer; I honestly didn’t care so much about that. Rather, it was just to talk about these things, as like-minded spirits. Though I’ve always been blessed with many friends, up until that point in my life, I’d never had a friend who shared the same kind of dreams I had, along with my vision of the world. I longed for someone who could relate to who I was, and for some reason, I felt that Michael could. And yet, who he was seemed so far away from my reality in Minnesota that at times he was hardly real to me.

I reflected back on those days while driving through the Neverland gate for the first time in the spring of 1995. Though my mom had worked there since January of ‘93, it wasn’t until now that I got my turn to visit Michael’s home. It was “Family Day,” the day Michael opened his ranch to all his employees, their families, and friends, for one reason: to come and play.

I constantly feel blown away about all that has come to pass in my life regarding Michael Jackson—and that day was no exception. How could it be that I, this midwestern country girl who simply loved riding her horse far away from Michael Jackson’s reality, was now entering his personal sanctuary, the whimsical Neverland? How did this even happen? Passing through that gate felt like entering another world, maybe even another dimension. It was a testimony to the fact that, once again, anything is possible… anything…

Chapter 18 Excerpt

Into the Darkness: A Journey Into Ego

In our darkest hour
In my deepest despair
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
—Michael Jackson

“Will You Be There?”, was written by Michael between 1989 and 1991 and I believe it was his most personal and prophetic song. Through it was written just before his “fall,” he seems to predict an eerie prophecy—one, I feel, he was aware of in some way–based on the mission his soul had volunteered for in this lifetime.

It is in this song that Michael hints about the darkest moments that are yet to come—a whole other reality compared to his other-worldly transcendence of the ‘80s—while exposing his extreme vulnerability and frailty as a human being. How could he have possibly known of the trials (literal and figurative), as well as the doubts, fears, anguish, and sorrow that still awaited him in the coming years? Yet like most of Michael’s songs that had intentional messages (mostly about healing the world), this one too had a message, but of a different tone. Though the words seem to be about him, from a deeper perspective,they really are about us. As public witnesses to all of his ego shortcomings and painful downfalls in the second part of his life, it’s as though he cuts straight through the surface and lasers right into our hearts, asking each of us, point blank: “After all of this, will you still care? Will you be there?”

Powerful questions, indeed, and yet how easy it was to evade them, to stand at a distance, watching his journey, thinking it was happening solely to him, someone so different and distant from us, such an easy target for our judgments. This is a man who, in his earlier years, we found so easy to love—but it is in his rise and fall that the concept of Michael Jackson being the man in our mirror takes center stage. For it is here that Michael’s soul asks us to put our true spirituality into practice, as this is his most profound (and painful) reflection to all of us. He doesn’t say, “in my darkest hour,” he says, “in our darkest hour,” because his soul knows that this isn’t just about him. Rather, he represents all of us. His journey into the darkness of the ego, and all of the issues and destructiveness that come as a result of living from the ego, is our reflection; it’s the journey we all walk together. He asks us to go within and recognize ourselves in his amplified example, to notice our tendencies to quickly judge and to see our limited capacity to love and extend compassion—not just to him, but to all our brothers and sisters, including ourselves…

Chapter 29 Excerpt

Tragic or Magic: It Is Our Choice

…Will we be there for each other in our darkest hour? Will we lovingly take care of the Earth before it’s too late? Will we make the world a better place by looking at ourselves so we can make a change? Will we recognize that the only way to heal the world is to remember who we are to each other—brothers and sisters in “God’s great big family”? Will we open our hearts so we can understand and commune with each other, knowing that the planet needs every single one of us to rise up now?

All that we see, all that we do, and all that we experience in this life is our choice. We cannot control what happens around us, but we can choose how we see, what we do, and how to respond. Whether we realize it or not, when we look at our fellow human beings, we see ourselves, and when we look at Michael, we see ourselves. So what is it that we see? Or maybe more accurately, what is that we choose to see? Do we see the truth of who we all are—the world created by the Holy Spirit? Or do we see what’s false—the world created by ego?

On June 25, 2009, that little soul named Michael Jackson, who selflessly and courageously volunteered to come play out his hugely important and transformative role on Earth, returned to God, his time and mission here complete. Out of his great love for us, he came, he gave every ounce of his soul, and then he left. But what he left was the biggest gift of all: a love that is forever. Now it is our opportunity to look at the life he gallantly, yet often painfully, reflected back to us. It is a perfect platform to see ourselves, to see that he is the man in our mirror…

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