With the death of Tom Sneddon, it has obviously stirred a lot of energy amongst the MJ Fan community. It brings up old anger and understandably so, but for me, I also find myself in profound bafflement. How could someone have such a vicious and hateful vendetta against a human being who had nothing but love and kindness in his heart for the world, and more importantly, who had done nothing personal to Sneddon himself? I simply could not understand it then and still don’t. Unless we look a little deeper…

With that said, I witnessed the 2005 trial and media frenzy with the same feelings that many of the MJ fans did, but also with many people who weren’t necessarily his fans, yet felt such incredible compassion for Michael and could see that he was obviously being set up. I certainly felt the human emotions, but I also somewhat distanced and allowed myself to step out of the intensity of the human condition, and instead view it from a “higher’ perspective… from the perspective that is only love, the energy that is God and that which unites us all, and yes, even Tom Sneddon. Gulp.

I know it is EXTREMELY difficult to even wrap our human minds around such a reality and for good reason, but deep in my heart and soul, I know (and always have known since I was a child) that there is a much bigger picture and story going on here than what our human eyes can often see and what appears to be. But this requires a radical shift from our physical eyes to our spiritual eyes… from our minds that separate through the perception of physicality and duality, and shift to our heart that unites all–darkness included, even the fallen angels–as ONE in Light/Love.

I know it is so tempting to hate Tom Sneddon because he played a role on this earthly plane that attempted to take down one of the most beloved human beings to walk this planet, but to hate, to carry hatred, to hold it in our hearts, and also to project it to those outside of ourselves, EVEN when we feel so justified in doing so, doesn’t make us better, rather it only kills our OWN spirit and love from the inside out.

As the Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” And Jesus was right there when he said, “Love thy enemies.”

Michael came here to serve as our reflection… to be the man in our mirror. That includes all of the feelings that come up within us surrounding his life and especially this ever-so-painful part of the story. But this is when our true spirituality comes into play… when we have to go deeper, to dig deeper into our heart and soul, to lift ourselves above the human condition (above the muck) and to view from our Higher Self–that part of ourselves that is connected to the uniting energy that IS God, that which we are all a part of.  It is from this place that we recognize that we are all “fallen angels” to one degree or another. We all forget our connection to Source from time to time, and Mr. Sneddon was an amplified example of that.

To hold onto hatred and to project it onto someone else–no matter who they are or what they’ve done–only hurts and damages our own soul. So instead of carrying a vibration of love, allowing us to  “be the change we wish to see in the world” (Gandhi), we instead bring it down to the level we’re trying to rise above and we keep that vibration of anger alive on the planet, only creating the breeding ground for more of it– self-perpetuating and self-destructive.

To heal the world, we have to stop the hatred.

Who do you wish to be? What vibration do you wish to carry? What feels better in your own heart? Hatred or Love?  It is a choice.

Yes, Tom Sneddon was an extremely damaged individual. He lost his way, he forgot his connection. There is no question about that. But somewhere many years ago, Mr. Sneddon too was a little boy who was deeply hurt. Yet imagine who he would’ve been if he, as a little boy, would’ve known the love that Michael generously gave to so many other broken-hearted children. Chances are he would’ve been a much different person.

This is why Michael’s plea to heal the children was so powerful. When we heal our children with love, we give the world a chance.

Don’t be deceived; don’t be fooled. Those who lash out and attack with the most intensity are the ones who are desiring and need love the most.

So be NOTHING but love. See nothing but love. Feel nothing but love. Let nothing else enter into your heart because ultimately, love is all there is.

And if you truly know Michael in your heart, you know he was all about love and that is what he would ask from all of us.

To our collective healing and planetary transformation, God bless us all!