book_coverWell… the book is out there. A project that I have been working on for the last 5 ½ years (since the week after Michael Jackson died in 2009), yet really the story of the Michael magic and miracles that began nearly 30 years ago already, has become manifest in book form as of December 11, 2014.

I can hardly believe it. Gulp.

After living this story (and often wondering what it meant and what it was all for) for so much of my life, it is an understatement to say that I have felt a sense of tremendous relief and release that this book is really out there for the world; it has been nothing less than the birth of a child for me. On one hand, I am excited to share this magical sojourn, guided by Michael himself, that has led me to so many insights into myself but also about life—things that we all can glean from as souls walking through the human condition on Planet Earth. Yes, this excites me! I want to share this all with you!

However, on the other hand, I am human and I will be honest; I am scared because a story and perspectives that have safely nestled within my own heart for so long—as well as within my close circle of trusted friends and family—is out there for the world to see… and judge. Deep sigh…

What does it feel like to feel vulnerable? Exposed? Outside of one’s comfort zone? Well, I’m feeling it right now, and as I do, I am allowed to feel—though just a mere glimpse, a speck, in relation to—what Michael must’ve felt, standing out there in the “cold,” his heart and softness wide open and ripe for the poisoned arrows to be shot his way. And despite it all, it didn’t stop him from being him. Wow.

Though I am not even in the same galaxy in regards to the level of fame he knew in this lifetime, regardless, I still get to feel what it feels like to put my heart and soul, and every ounce of energy, out there to the world—to the wolves, so to speak—to either be loved, or shredded. To be held with gentleness or cut to pieces with criticism. All is fair game and not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. I am feeling this now.

I guess these are the risks of when we live life from our heart with courage. Like an Olympian who trains for years to have that “one moment in time” where they are “more than they thought they could be” (to quote the lyrics of Whitney Houston’s song of the same name). We only get that possibility if we are willing to put it all out there, on the line, leaving nothing behind. And really, what happens after that is out of our control. But the point is to give ourselves that opportunity, no matter what it is—to take a risk, to face our fear, and to dare to be bold and authentic in the face of “failure.”

Yes, I have written a book. Yes, I have released it to the world. Yes, there are no guarantees of anything. Like the Michael story of my life, never really knowing where it was taking me, I find myself in that same place, just a different part of the journey. What I do know for sure though is that I did write this book from the depths of my heart and soul. I have shared and revealed some of my deepest personal life struggles knowing that I had to expose my own “stuff” in order to open the door for others to relate not just to me, but also to Michael and his magnified life example, so that we could see that none of us are separate or that far from each other—that we are all in the same boat of human struggle, but with the same opportunity for healing and human triumph.

Michael revealed himself, baring his soul—and all of his humanness—to the world. Oh, the courage. May 2015 challenge us all to live with such courage and to put our heart out there—where the magic and the miraculous happens!

We are in this together. ☺

With love and light,

edited back cover

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NOTE: Special thank you to artist David Nordahl for his generous offering to use his stunning painting, “Fields of Dreams” as the cover, as well as for writing the foreword. I am incredibly grateful for his invaluable contributions to this book!  Thank you, David!

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Special thanks also goes to my writing coach, Jean-Noel Bassior, my mom, Judi Brisse (for contributing her stories of working for Michael at Neverland from 1993-1996), and my uncle, Gary Mason, for his incredible cover design!  I can’t thank you all enough!

And mostly, I thank Michael for the magical journey!  Wow!