michael_jackson_angel_by_angysetsugekka-d3h3fim(1)There is beauty in everything. Every single thing. Even in the “death” of someone we love. Even in the “death” of Michael Jackson.

Yes. Beauty.

Now you might be thinking, What? Has she gone mad? How could there be anything other then tremendous sadness – sorrow, actually – and a sense of deep, profound heart aching loss in losing the likes of Michael Jackson… someone who gave his whole life to love others and to heal the world in the process? How could that possibly be beautiful?

It is a valid question; one I have had myself at times. But what I have found in my deeply spiritual life journey – one in which my soul has constantly challenged and literally forced me to look beyond what I see – is that most of what is REAL in this Universe, is NOT what we see, much less what we believe to be true. Rather the true awakening gifts of the soul – our collective soul – lie within our ability to open our minds and hearts and be curious. To be curious as to what Spirit is really revealing to us, instead of being fearful by what appears to be.

One of my favorite concepts from the “Christ” energy channeled under the name of Rajpur is that, “the only thing that is ‘happening’ here before us is the Kingdom of Heaven” and the only reason we aren’t experiencing it as that is because we are looking through the “wrong” lens, the lens of our ego, the part of ourselves that is limited and only sees a small part of the iceberg. Hence, makes many misperceived and misunderstood conclusions about life and the greater Truth of who we are.

Though extremely difficult at times to see the “Kingdom of Heaven” happening before me, especially when it often seems that the world is on the verge of imploding in on itself, somewhere in the depths of my soul that is intimately one with Source/God, I know this to be true and therefore, challenge myself – while asking in daily prayer – to see through the eyes of Spirit rather than the eyes of ego. A Course in Miracles says the miracle is the shift in perception from ego to Spirit, from fear to Love. And yes, I would absolutely agree based on my own moments of humbled awakening.

So, getting back to the original thought: there is beauty in everything. Every single thing. Even in the death of someone we love. Even in the death of someone like Michael Jackson.

I know there still remains tremendous unresolved sadness surrounding the death of Michael, undoubtedly one of our planet’s modern day prophets. Many have commented that the degree of loss they felt for Michael’s passing shamefully feels greater than the loss of some of their own family members and they can’t understand why, feeling guilty because of it. How can this be? Why?

Pure, unconditional love is why. A heart that embodied the whole planet and every single one of its six billion inhabitants is why. A human being that had profound compassion and empathy for all human beings and just wanted to heal the world of its woes is why. A soul that came to this planet not necessarily to be worshipped as a “god,” rather to serve as a mirror to reflect the Light, but, equally important if not more so, the woundedness and potential healing of our shared collective soul is why.

Big souls with big purposes make big impacts that reverberate throughout the Universe into infinity, not to mention, future generations yet to inhabit Planet Earth.

Many people out there were not even “Michael Jackson fans” until that day… June 25th, 2009 – the other day “the music died.” What happened on that day was so powerful that many who previously never paid much attention to Michael while he was “alive,” suddenly were brought to their knees with soul-wrenching sorrow that was unexplainable in logical terms.

Yet, according to Einstein, “energy is neither created nor destroyed,” and love is the most powerful and expansive energy in the Universe. Michael Jackson held so much love in his heart for the world that it had to go somewhere when he let go of his body on that day. And so it went… out. Out into everywhere. (For those of you have seen the 1995 film, “Powder” the final scene exemplifies exactly what Michael’s energy did when he passed on:  Watch this. By the way, a special note: my mom, Judi Brisse, a housekeeper for Michael from 1993-1996 was in Michael’s theater when he watched this movie and saw his reaction when he came out… this final scene blew him away. Maybe because he identified with it :) ). Those of you who were ready to receive it, did, and as many have shared, it profoundly changed your life in ways you still can’t grasp. In ways that have made you want to be a better person. In ways that have made you think beyond yourself with a strong desire to help the world in some way. In ways that have given you a sense of unmatched purpose and fulfillment, yet at the same time, has left you struggling with an equal amount of sadness asking, “Why did he have to die? It is so unfair. He was such a good person.”

Yes he was. And in my own moments of incredible sadness of the “loss” of Michael’s physical presence on this planet, I have asked myself that same question. But this is when my soul steps in and challenges me to see from another level of awareness – a place not so obvious. To move beyond my physical eyes. To move beyond my ego’s perspective, as limited and painful as it is, and instead, to open my mind and heart to the perspective of Spirit… to maybe see it as God sees it, which is a much more powerful perspective that we, alone in our limitations, could ever have.

That’s big.

As I am reminded that energy is neither created nor destroyed, here is what life has shown me…

On that fateful day and in that moment on June 25th, 2009, regardless of the outward circumstances, Michael’s soul chose to leave his body, and bear with me here because this is the key to healing our wounded hearts. From the soul’s perspective (God’s perspective, the Holy Spirit’s perspective which is far beyond our human perspective), Michael was not a victim. In fact, his soul was “on purpose,” as I share in my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul. Despite what we see from the surface, there is a much deeper spiritual perspective of what was “really going on” in the life that he lived… for us, IF we are open to it and truly desire the healing that he, himself, desires that we have. And it is from this place where an otherworldly sense of peace overcomes my sadness because from the perspective of Spirit, no soul on this planet ever leaves the body a second too early without its own consent. In other words, no soul is a victim. Ever. In other words, all is perfect and Divine and in the hands of God whether we understand it or not. In other words, all is as it is meant to be. No accidents. Ever. In other words, there was a reason and most likely a deeper reason that we might not be able to see, much less understand from our current perspective – the perspective that unfortunately doesn’t allow us to make peace with our unresolved sorrow for Michael leaving his physical body in what appeared to be such an “untimely death.”

I know. It can be difficult to understand from our human ego perspective. But to understand life and ourselves as souls from the perspective of the Divine, we must be willing to let go of what we see – or at least what we think we see – and open up, surrender, expand, grow, awaken, and RISE to the occasion!

What occasion?!

Again… hang in there.

The truth is, there is a very beautiful reason why our “leaders” have to leave this planet at some point – even if it feels so unjustified – and it really is beautiful, I assure you. Let me share…

A couple of months ago, my small hometown community of Richmond, Minnesota (population 1100) lost an amazing human being at the “way too young” age of 63. This man was not just known in our town, but the adjoining communities of Cold Spring and Rockville that are all a part of our shared school district at Rocori (pronounced, Ra-cor-rie) High. Dick Rausch served as Rocori’s one-of-a-kind, incredibly talented, funny, loving, and deeply caring drumline instructor for nearly 40 years. In a way, he was our community’s local celebrity. Rare is a person who did not know him or of him as he taught and touched generations upon generations of youthful lives with his wide open loving spirit. He led our school’s drumline to several National Championships and of course, served as a huge source of pride for all of us, whether we still live there or not (I moved from Minnesota and have lived in California for 26 years now).

Naturally, word of his death – like Michael’s relative to the size of our community -spread like wildfire. Everyone was in shock. The days following brought our community together with people of all ages sharing hysterical and heart-warming memories and pictures of Dick – that crazy and talented man that everybody loved. His memorial service was “huge” as people spent hours talking and laughing at so many stories of this beloved man who not only united our community by his love, but also his talent for music. Members of the former drumlines played at his gravesite.

It all sounds a bit like someone else we know, just on a much smaller, but equally profound scale. Beautiful.

But here’s what’s even more beautiful. In the last month, several members from Dick’s drumlines of the past 40 years came together for numerous dedicated practices to put together a performance that would honor his memory in the state of Minnesota.

Click here to view their performance inspired by his teachings and his example.

What is beautiful about Dick’s “leaving” is what came as a result: a coming together. A “rising to the occasion” for the next ones – his students of all ages – to step up from the role of student to now organizing and leading the way in his honor, just as he taught them, but most importantly, showed them through his example. He left his legacy and proudly, his legacy lives on and will continue to with a new generation of leaders – protégés of the legend.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Dick Rausch…

Just like, once upon a time, there was a man named Michael Jackson…

And this is the beauty of Michael “leaving” too. As he “told” me at Cirque du Soleil’s Immortal Show in January of 2012 right in the moment when I was feeling incredibly sad that he was no longer with us (in the physical body, yet always with us in spirit though), “Lisa, it wasn’t meant for me to stay. It was time. I couldn’t heal the world by myself. I was here to set the stage – to pave the way – but now it’s time for all of you to step up and embody the love that you all have within your own heart so that, together, we can all heal the world.”

That’s right. Michael’s “absence” means it’s now up to us to carry the torch. Every single one of us. It’s like when our parents pass on, we become the next generation to lead. It’s the way life is and it’s as natural as the seasons changing. It’s as natural as a tree sprouting a new generation of leaves in the springtime. It’s their turn to grace the world with their beauty. Michael is the tree. We are the leaves. Bloom! Grow! Radiate the Love and BE the Light that you are! The Light that the world needs desperately right NOW.

Holding onto the sadness of Michael’s leaving without seeing the beauty of the gift, unfortunately leaves his gift stuck in the past, and in essence, useless, and that truly is death. Michael is not gone. Not even close. Rather, he lives through the hearts of all who embody his message and BE THAT MESSAGE… not to worship and idolize him (as this is deflection of your own power), rather to BE the LOVE that he just reflected back to us. To be the LOVE that heals our own hearts of our limited beliefs and in turn, rises to the occasion, seeing the Kingdom of Heaven before us, and becomes the vessel through which Spirit flows through, thus transforming and healing the world. Just as Michael would have it.

“A true Master is not the one with the most students, but one who creates the most Masters.
A true leader is not the one with the most followers, but one who creates the most leaders…”           – Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations with God, Book 1

As Jesus said, “All that I do, you can do, and more…”

Michael says the same thing.

Like Dick Rausch’s students who rose to the occasion to do what Dick simply showed them what they had within them, so it with those who believed in Michael and what he modeled to the world. It is a passing on of the torch of light and love.

Simply beautiful.

In honor of those who have shown us the way, may we all STEP INTO OUR LIGHT and BE the LIGHT that changes the world. Be the Change. Be the Difference. It’s time.

With love & light,



Lisa Brisse,

Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

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