Originally posted on June 25th, 2014

There are those certain moments in life that we will never forget. We know exactly what we were doing and remember the details as though it was just yesterday.

June 25th, 2009 is one of those days/moments in my life. In a way for me, it was like the song, “American Pie”… the day the music died. It was the day–the moment–that the death of Michael Jackson was announced to the world. Oh my God… how could it possibly be? I will never ever forget the shock as I read the headline on the internet… “Michael Jackson Dies of Cardiac Arrest.” I felt like I had been slammed in my heart. Total disbelief. But though, in truth, even though it was Michael who died, his music, his love, and his spirit surely didn’t. Instead, it lives on… alive… forever and ever.

A lot has happened for me in these past 5 years. It has been ever since that moment that I have been writing and working on finishing my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul. It was my hope that I would’ve been able to publish and release it by this date today, but, as I am finding that which is true for so much of life, rarely do things happen in “our” timing rather in Divine timing, and we, can only do what is required… surrender. So, with that said, it is nearly there; just a few more things to be added and re-written. :)

And so, being it is the day that it is–June 25th, 2014–I thought I would share an excerpt from Chapter 19… the chapter about the day Michael “died.” Earlier in the chapter I had written that I was talking to my writing coach about possibly writing this book though it wasn’t announced at this point that Michael had passed on… we were on a phone call just minutes before having NO clue of the news that was just about to break…

Here’s the story:

I told her how I had really allowed myself to be completely in the “space” of Michael’s energy during the week—something I hadn’t done for a few years. I also shared how it felt energizing and right, for whatever reason, and that I was open to writing this book now, instead of sometime in the future. I added that I knew, from past experience, that I had to keep my mind and heart open to what life may be calling me to do, and whether I fully understood it or not, didn’t really matter.

Jean-Noel said she couldn’t help but feel that the nature and perspective of this book might be very healing to Michael himself, as well as to the many hearts he’d touched. She thought that it might even be something he would assist me in writing, depending on if I could get to him. Either way, she felt it was important to write the book now, and at the end of our session that day, I was filled with a sense of excitement to see where this soul adventure would go.

As I hung up the phone, I was at peace with making the shift from focusing on Miss’s book to exploring this one. It was a surreal moment as I thought to myself, well, who knows what this is all about and why it’s happening now? I told myself that I’d just have to trust, as I have trusted the heart process with so many other things in my life. Maybe Michael was wanting me to write this book now for some reason. Who knows? I certainly didn’t. But I did know not to question these things too much, and instead to just go with the flow, knowing that the bigger picture reveals itself in time.

It revealed itself pretty damn quickly—I had to wait about a minute at best. As I went online to check my e-mail, the peace and levity I was feeling from the potential of this project, along with surrendering to the mystical, was abruptly replaced by a feeling as though my heart had suddenly stopped. On the news headlines was the biggest and most shocking news of all: “Michael Jackson Dies of Cardiac Arrest.”

June 25, 2009.

Pause… swallow… deep, deep breath… wipe the eyes to make sure I’m reading this correctly… breathe… inhale… exhale… read again… OH… MY… GOD! You have got to be kidding me. What? Numbness and disbelief set in.

There are absolutely no words to describe that moment. How is it that I was just talking with Jean-Noel about possibly contacting Michael Jackson for this book, and in the next moment he’s dead? I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t do anything. I just sat there feeling like my heart was being suffocated by the weight of an elephant, my mind trying to make sense of the words before my eyes. I thought to myself, what? This can’t be… this cannot be real! How can this be? Why? Why now? We were just talking about him… We were just talking about the possibility of contacting him for the book. Oh, my God… Michael Jackson just… (gulp)… died? This can’t be real!

I immediately called Jean-Noel back in my shocked and shaken state. She picked up right away. All I could say was, “Have you seen the news?”

“What news?” she asked obliviously.

“Michael Jackson just died of cardiac arrest.”

“Oh, my God,” she said, the only appropriate words in that moment.

“I just don’t get it,” I told her, still feeling dazed. “This makes no sense. Why now? Why, after all these years of not thinking about him or this book, in the last week he comes to us, he’s the topic of discussion in our last two sessions—and now he dies? I just don’t get it. This isn’t supposed to happen! I don’t know what to think or feel… I am numb.”

I have to say, of all the surreal Michael incidents I had experienced in my life, this one shook me to the core and confused me more than anything ever before. Though not a single part of this “Michael journey” was logical to any part of my mind, this one took the cake. All I was left with was raw emotion, as if a gaping hole had just been blown through my heart and soul.

“Oh Lisa… wow, I am so sorry,” I heard Jean-Noel saying. “But if this isn’t a testimony to your soul connection to him, I don’t know what is. It’s just another synchronicity that goes along with all the other amazing synchronicities you’ve had with him. And this one seems the most telling, I mean, it seems obvious that it’s your time to share this story—now more than ever before, don’t you think? And here’s the positive part of all this, if there is one: since he’s no longer in a physical body, you don’t have to jump through any hoops to reach him. If you’re open to it, you can have direct access to his soul… You just have to invite him in.” She paused. “I would say that he is more available now than ever to help you write this book.”

Oh my… and has he! Michael is alive and well! His spirit and his love lives! As Jean-Noel said, he has been MORE than available to help me write this book and in fact, he has been right by my side the whole way… guiding me. This is his book… I am just the messenger. What an incredible journey it has been. I am humbled…

Thank you, Michael! We feel your love. The world feels your love. Thank you for your message in your music. We are here to heal the world!

With heartfelt love to all,


My favorite song and performance: Michael’s Will You Be There? at MTV’s 10th Anniversary show: