michael-jackson-10“He was a person that did not let his mind get in his way… for the dancer became the dance. He did not interfere… and through him not interfering, his greatness was revealed…”

-Quote about Michael Jackson channeled through a spiritual medium, shared in Lisa Brisse’s book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

I will never forget that moment in July of 2012. I write about the details in the book.

I had been encouraged by a trusted friend of mine to experience a group channeling session by a local spiritual medium. Every person in attendance that night would get some kind of message and/or guidance from this channeled entity. I was looking forward to whatever message I was to receive, but never did I imagine it would be a message about Michael, not just for me but for all 40 of us sitting in that room. Whoa.

This entity talked about Michael and his extreme level of excellence and artistry that he naturally exuded. As the mystical messenger said, “He did not let his mind get in the way… for the dancer became the dance.”

Hmmm… so incredibly profound.

Getting out of our own way… sometimes it is the hardest thing to do. How often do we find ourselves struggling, trying to “force” something to happen or an outcome to occur, only to feel frustrated with greater disappointment? Usually when I find myself in what feels like this “dead end” spot, I know it’s a personal signal from life that I’m getting in my own way.  Oops! Gosh, it’s so darn easy to do.

The truth is, we are all Divine and beautiful beings. We not only are connected to each other, but we are connected and intimately a part of this massive infinite intelligent entity called the Universe. In some way, incomprehensible to us, this Universe operates and exists with Divine Order, holding galaxies together, while – a little closer to “home” – allows our Planet Earth to revolve around the sun with such rhythm and orderly timing, we don’t even think twice about it; the sun rises and the sun sets nearly the same time every day, the seasons change, the tides flow in and the tides flow out. More significantly, we often forget that WE are an intimate part of this beautiful dance with every atom in the Universe and try to control this mysterious and mystical thing we call life.

Yet, what would happen if we actually got ourselves–our ego–out of our own way? We fear that everything would fall apart, or at least our ego would have us believe that way. But our Spirit, on the other hand, would show us something different. Our Spirit is that part of ourselves that is connected to our Source–God, the Universal Life Force–and when we allow ourselves to be a channel of that unencumbered energy stream, magic and creativity flow through us. We wouldn’t have to think, contemplate, control or fabricate it, rather it would come through us effortlessly and divinely perfect, and in ways we would’ve never imagined. I love when I’m in that place, that zone, that beautiful creative flow. I liken it to floating on my back down a river and just trusting that I am completely supported by the Divine and it’s taking me to where I need to go.

Michael Jackson said he was an “instrument of nature,” a channel through which the Divine in the form of music and dance flowed through. Because of this and most importantly, because he got out of his own way, we could visually see the music–the energy of the Creator passing through and oh, how beautiful. How magical. How Michael.

As the man in our mirror, Michael powerfully reflected so many things back to us. In this case, he asks us to get out of our own way. Where are we holding ourselves back because of the untruths we’ve been taught and continue to believe? Where do we let go of our power and divinity while leaking our energy to areas and others that do not serve our highest good? Where do we listen to the “logic” of our mind while shutting down the dreams of our heart? How do we let our fears, insecurities, and sense of unworthiness keep us from shining our radiant and loving light to the world? Where have we lost our trust ourselves, in each other, and in God?

It’s easy to play small; we do it all the time. It’s easy to see someone else’s greatness, but can we see and embrace our own? This is our toughest challenge but one, I believe, is what Michael would want for us all–to embody our own Light! To get out of our own way so that we too can serve not just as an instrument of nature, but as an “instrument of the Universe” in healing our world.

I dare you bare it, wear it and share it–your oh-so-beautiful Self and all of its greatness! Now.

God bless us all!

Here is an amazing video of Michael speaking about this very thing!  To get out of our way! Wow! Let it inspire all of us!

Huge thank you to the creator of this video – TheEternalMoonwalker. Excellent! Michael would love it.:)

With so much love and light to all of you…


Lisa Brisse – Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul