I always continue to be in awe and humbled by what I have dubbed the “Michael Miracles” in my life ever since the late ’80s. These “miracles” aren’t necessarily miracles, rather synchronicities (which some might call coincidences, though I don’t believe in coincidences) in which Michael has “shown up” in various ways to guide or communicate something to me. And the ways he has done this over the last 30 years has been nothing short of amazing and usually leaves me in greater awe of this magical journey called life and how everything is absolutely connected.

Two nights ago I was walking with a friend past a local bookstore in Santa Monica–one I have passed by many times over the years. Yet for some reason, being the lover of bookstores that I am (it’s where I used to spend many hours in my early 20s and 30s reading everything), I have NEVER been inside this one. Why? I don’t really know.

So while I was engaged in conversation with my friend, I found myself pausing for a such a brief moment while looking at the books displayed in the windows of this bookstore. I knew this was a specialty store, more of art and architecture, but in that brief moment, I thought of the book I am finishing about the Michael Jackson story in my life, and for that moment, my thoughts went like this, hmmm…  I don’t think this is a bookstore that would carry my kind of book, but what would it look like displayed in this window if it was? Wow, that would be interesting…

And just like that, as quickly as the thought came, it went, and the moment was gone; my mind was back fully with my friend as we discussed something not even close to Michael Jackson or my book. I hadn’t even given that brief thought a second thought since… until today.

While reading through the Facebook Newsfeed I see various posts, of course, but I stop on one posted by author, Dr. Karen Moriarity (Defending A King-His Life & Legacy). It’s an article (http://blog.seattlepi.com/bookpatrol/2009/07/02/michael-jackson-extremely-well-read-had-10000-books/) about how Michael was extremely well read and how he had over 10,000 books of all genres in his personal library at Neverland. That I already knew; I knew Michael was an absolute lover of books and was a modern-day Renaissance man. He was well read on most any subject. So this wasn’t news to me, but then there was one part in the article when I paused again and took a breath…  this is what it said:

“‘He was a longtime and valued customer,’ a spokesperson for Hennessey + Ingalls, the renowned art and architecture bookstore in Santa Monica…”

Um… You have got to be kidding me. THIS is the very bookstore I just walked by the other night like I have so many times before and never really paid attention. But this time, I paused and had a moment of pondering… Michael… this book… this bookstore. Two days later, I read this article. I had no idea he had ever been to this store, just 3 blocks from my apartment, much less that he had ever been there. Why did I pay attention this time? And why did I think about Michael?


Coincidence?  Synchroncity? Michael Miracle?

Just his way of saying, “Hi, yep that was me! Check this bookstore out! It’s one of my favorites!”

Next time, I’ll actually go in and take a look around. :)

Here! Here!  To all things connected (that would be everything)!

Light & Love,


P.S. The article even has a video of Michael shopping in that store.