Wow. I am blown away by the TMZ article released yesterday (  about the “maids” who painted a very ugly picture of Michael being unclean and someone who just peed all over his house. I am beyond speechless.

I promptly shared the article with my mom, Judi Brisse, because she, too, was a housekeeper at Neverland back in the mid ’90s during the very time when Liz Taylor and Oprah were there. She was enraged by this article and these horrible claims by her supposed “co-workers.” She stated clearly to me that nothing was further from the truth! That the house was impeccably clean and so was the “Boss.” She said Michael was not only clean, but respectful, kind and carried himself like royalty in his humble, gentle way. always.

This is a classic case of people who lack integrity and will do anything for money. My mom, too has been contacted by tabloids over the years wanting “dirt” and stories about Michael. She simply doesn’t have any stories (other than positive ones) and has denied their requests, despite their offers to her for money.

It is a shame that, in general, our society is so unhappy within our souls that we gloat in seeing people fall hard and then rake them over the coals. Why is it that human beings can take someone who did so much good for the world–giving his whole heart and soul in every moment of his life–and instead, make up vile stories? Is it sadly because it’s the only way to feel better about one’s self? And the opportunity to make money?

In truth, what we project onto someone else, such as Michael in this case, says NOTHING about him nor his character, but everything about the ones making the claims, not to mention, a society that eats it up.

In my upcoming book, I talk about Michael being the Man in OUR Mirror… that what we saw in him is ultimately what see in ourselves. The world is our reflection. What do we see? Where is our heart? Where are we wounded within ourselves and therefore project that woundedness out to the world? What is the world WE are creating from that woundedness?

As an Exercise Physiologist and Wellness Coach and founder of State of the Heart Fitness (, I know for a fact, true health and well-being on ALL levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – starts when we heal the wounds of our own heart, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as well. And that is why I believe and know that healing the world begins from within. When we heal our heart, we heal the world.

Thank you, once again, for your reflection, Michael. Thank you for your gift on every level. May we all open our hearts (and send love to those needing it the most), so that we all can heal TOGETHER!

With love… God bless us all!