Candles and flowers placed at the Carolwood residence on June 26, 2009. Photo by: Lisa Brisse


“On Thursday, June 25, 2009, a day that will be forever remembered in the hearts of many, Michael Jackson died. His mission on Planet Earth was complete and it was time for him to go Home. As deeply saddened as I was that Michael was ‘gone,’ I felt a profound sense of peace knowing that he was finally free from the anguish and pain that had overshadowed so much of his life, and I felt grateful for all the light and love he had brought to our planet. The world had just lost one of its most beautiful angels.”

–Lisa Brisse, Chapter 19, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

All of yesterday, June 25th, I was seeing the posts about Michael and instead of feeling the urgency to write something, I allowed myself just to BE; no need to write until I felt the moment. Last night before bed, I decided to read Chapter 19 of my book…  “June 25th, 2009: Mission Completed–Michael Comes Home”. The above quote was the last paragraph.  Yes, it reminded me of the mixture of emotions…  being terribly sad by the “loss” of Michael’s physical presence on this planet, but also a sense of relief and peace that he was no longer carrying the weight of the world on those small little shoulders. He gave it his all; he did what he could and he did it with all of his heart. As he sang in “Will You Be There?”:

But they told me… I’m meant to be faithful… and walk when not able… and fight till the end… but I’m only human.

Yes… in the end, he was an angel who was only human.  He committed his whole lifetime here to the hopeful transformation of the world, which really means the transformation of our own hearts, from separation and fear, to love and oneness. He didn’t just sing or talk about it, he demonstrated it. Even his deeply personal human struggles were a purposeful gift… a reflection to all of us… to see ourselves and our struggles in his. To see our own emotional wounds and to heal them by feeling them. To embrace our own soul in all of its light and darkness–with love–so that together we can heal the world by healing ourselves.

I know from my own life’s journey, there are always different perspectives to behold and depending on the lens of perspective I choose, life responds accordingly. When we view Michael’s life purely from the limited human (ego) perspective, it is easy to feel angered and so sad that he is “gone” by his “unjustified” death. Yet, when we see it from that place, it not only keeps HIM in that image, more importantly it keeps us stuck in it too. From the soul’s perspective, however–a perspective that far surpasses what our mind’s eye can see or believes to be true based on how it appears to be–it sees all of it with Divine Purpose, and yes… even Michael’s untimely passing.

I know this is hard to grasp because we are so used to seeing it from our limited human position, but I also know, true spirituality involves profound faith… faith that all is happening for purpose and meaning, whether we understand it in the moment or not. According to the soul, there are no mistakes, only opportunities to grow and expand our hearts as well as our concept of what this life is really about.

In the last chapter of my book, Chapter 30, “A Final but Eternal Message: Where There is Love, I’ll Be There…”, I share about an experience I had watching Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour show in Los Angeles in 2012.  In the middle of the performance I had a moment of such sadness in that I felt Michael hadn’t “completed” his mission of wanting to unite and heal the world; how “tragic.” Yet, almost instantaneously I heard his voice–loud and clear:

I wasn’t meant to complete it, Lisa. I was here to lay the foundation, to give the structure, to help guide and show the way. It was never meant for me to do this single handedly; it’s impossible. My purpose was to provide the awakening and get the ball rolling, but the mission of healing the world lies in the hands of all of you, now and together, as we complete that mission… as ONE COLLECTIVE SOUL. Now is the time for all of you to step up to the plate in your own heart; to take responsibility for healing yourselves so that together we can heal the world. Don’t be sad. It is perfect. It is God’s perfection, and it is exactly as it’s meant to be.

Hmm… well now, there’s a different perspective, isn’t it?  A profound peace came over me and a smile to my face and heart. It made sense. :)

I know there is incredible sadness in the hearts of so many at the “loss” of Michael and I have my moments of feeling it too–it’s natural to feel–but I also know, Michael is very much alive in his spirit and he is loving that he can now be anywhere in any moment and with anyone whose heart and mind are open to him! As Michael has shown up in my life with his various mystical “appearances” that have guided me for over 30 years now, he continues to “show up” in even more magical ways than I could ever imagine and with even greater love, light and joy!

I am reminded of the famous poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye:

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft star-shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

Happy ReBirth Day in Heaven, Michael Joseph Jackson! Thank YOU, for the most incredible gift… being the man in OUR mirror so that maybe we could all have the courage to see, to feel, to heal, and to LOVE.

MJ love pic 6.24.15

God bless you and God bless us all! We celebrate YOU!

With love,


Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul