MJ heart fence 8.29.14 On August 29th, 1958, the world had changed. A soul had been born who’s mission was to bring hope, love, and unification to a planet that so needed unifying… and still does. In his lifetime here, Michael Joseph Jackson gave the world everything he could… his heart, his soul, his example, but most importantly, his love for who we all are, including this beloved planet.

Michael touched the heart of the world, because the world WAS his heart. In his undying and eternal love, he embraced and held us all. Yes, though it feels like he was gone way too soon, we all know he did more for humanity and the world than many who have walked the planet before. He was the one true world citizen–not bound by race, religion, nationality, or any of the other categories that limit the average person’s existence and experience in and of this world. Michael’s heart beat as ONE with all of ours. He sincerely cared from the depths of his soul and that’s why he touched so many, so profoundly.

hearts fence 3

Because of Michael’s goodness, kindness, and childlike way about him, many in our world could not accept him for who he was as a human being. They tried desperately to find something “dark”… suspicious of his somewhat naive innocence and purity of spirit. He simply couldn’t be all of that, people reasoned in their minds. But again, this doesn’t necessarily say anything about Michael or his character, rather the ones perceiving him, and as the Man in OUR Mirror, we only see in him (or others and the world), what is within ourselves.  And this is why Michael was such a powerful mirror to us all. What do we see in him? What do we see in ourselves? It’s all the same.

hearts fence 4

In remembrance of Michael’s birthday, I was asked by Carla Hibberd in the UK if I might be able to hang the Hearts of Love–messages for Michael from all over the world–on the fence out at Neverland. I was honored to have been asked to could carry out such a “sacred” task in the Michael community around the world. It brought me incredible joy as I hung each heart, reading each message and seeing so many countries represented from around the world. I could feel the incredible love and more importantly, I could feel Michael smiling…  BIG.

mj hearts fence 2

Happy Birthday, Michael Joseph Jackson! Thank you for the gift of your reflection–your greatest gift of LOVE.

When we love from our heart, we love all of the world.