When I think back to when the “Michael Miracles” (as I dubbed them) started to occur in my life in the late ’80s, I can hardly believe, to this day, what a journey it has been. I was a Midwestern small-town teenager just trying to find my way through life like every other teenager on the planet. As everyone can most likely attest to, the teenage years were awkward and challenging, and especially for someone like myself who’s heart was calling me to leave my hometown of 900 people, not to mention everyone and everything I knew. I was 18, and though a Michael fan like everyone else at the time, it was then that Michael started to “call” to me in a way that I had never anticipated. It was strange and honestly, I didn’t understand what was happening.  I actually ignored it at first, thinking I was just imagining things.

Being an avid journal writer since I was 12, I found myself at that age really looking at my life differently.  I had just graduated high school (where I actually felt purpose, especially as a player on our basketball team that took 2nd in the 1987 state tournament), but after that, my sense of purpose seemed to fall off into the abyss. Suddenly, I felt lost and very alone in my home despite being surrounded by the comfort of family and so many friends. How could that be? What was happening?  What was “wrong” with me? I fell into a deep depression as my journal served as my outlet for all of the thoughts and feelings coming through my heart and soul.

It was then that I found Michael Jackson’s autobiography, Moonwalk, and it was there that I found a kindred spirit… someone who seemed to share the depths and caring for the planet that my young heart and soul felt too. I knew I had to somehow explore that world, but that meant leaving all that I had ever known behind. How incredibly scary was that?  I was terrified at the thought. But as I said, it was also when Michael started to “speak” to me. It was weird. It wasn’t something I was seeking, but he kept “appearing” to me in different ways… mostly through reading and writing.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to be writing about my views of the world and humanity and not even a day later, I would come across an interview by Michael in a magazine or on TV where he was saying nearly the same exact thing.  If it happened once, I wouldn’t have noticed, but it kept happening and so I started to pay attention. Who was this Michael Jackson, really? What was he wanting me to know?  As these intriguing incidences kept occurring, I started to get a strong feeling that Michael was –somehow, some way — going to come into our family’s life one day.

HUH?????  Now you must be crazy, Lisa. Put it out of your head; that is just wishful thinking. You’re a girl with a horse living in Minnesota. He is a famous superstar touring the world! How would that ever happen? Just stop.

But it didn’t stop. In fact, little did I know at the time that it was only beginning. The “Michael Miracles” continued and grew stronger and stronger which included unsolicited messages from psychics of past lives shared, to many other “random unexplainable coincidences” that kept pointing in the direction of some mystical connection to this unique soul. I eventually shared what I sensed so intensely– a vision of Michael coming into our lives (I might as well be going to the moon :) ) — to the only person who I knew that wouldn’t think I had totally gone off the deep end — my mom. I remember saying to her, “Mom, I don’t know what it is but I get this strong feeling that Michael Jackson is going to come into our life one day.” And Mom being the amazing human being she is, said calmly, (as though this was an everyday occurrence), “Hmmm… I guess we’ll see then.”

Within five years, which included a family move to California that had nothing to do with Michael Jackson, my mom ended up working as a housekeeper at Neverland Valley Ranch from 1993-1996. She never applied for the job; she didn’t even know it existed. My family was just trying to make their way in a new land, and at a time when my mom desperately needed a job, she got an offer – out of the blue – to work at Neverland. Michael took care of her; yet another one of his miracles in our life. And that was only one.

How I went from a teenager pondering my life purpose in Minnesota to playing out at Michael’s Neverland — the most magical place on the planet — still blows me away to this day. Seriously. How did that ever happen? But through it all, Michael showed me through spirit that life is so much more than what our eyes see and our minds have us believe. It is the journey of the heart that takes us to the realm where anything and everything is possible. A real life Disney story, I guess you could say.

For so many years, I have carried the “Michael Story” of my life in the safe confines of my own heart, but now I am happy to share it with the world through my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul.

May Michael’s story of magic and miracles touch your heart and soul as it has and continues to touch mine. It is Michael’s magic at it’s finest. :)

With light and love to everyone and the world, thank you, Michael.

God bless us all; we are all ONE.