As I shared in my last blog, From Minnesota to Michael… & Back to Minnesota, Part 1, the experience with my family was profound. In letting my down guard and revealing to them my own current inner struggles in regard to the Michael Jackson story of my life, it allowed me to be open to receiving the unexpected strength and support I needed the most in that moment. In essence, they all became a deeper part of my soul and a more significant part of this “Michael story,” for whatever reason and whatever is meant to be. Amazingly enough, the adventure only continues as I am forever curious as to what Michael has up his sleeve on a journey that has now spanned over 30 years and only seems to get more intriguing. With my family so “there” for me, I, humbly and gratefully, could feel my power and perspective coming back to where it needed to be and I felt an incredible sense of peace.

The very next day, Saturday, July 25, I relaxed and just took in the energy of being in my home state and absorbed it all to the fullest. That night, I went to an old high […]