Michael Jackson: Divine Union & Oneness Through Music & Dance

My goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance.”

–Michael Jackson

As a lover of music of all kinds (thanks to my musician parents :) ) I have to say, one of the greatest things about being a Spinning®/Indoor Cycling Instructor is being able to experience music through movement. In a way, it’s like dancing on a bike. Teaching my Spinning classes for the last 18 years has been the perfect medium for me to not only educate people about their amazing, miraculous bodies (something we rarely honor), but music also serves as the powerful energetic conduit to truly make the connection between the body, mind and spirit… and in essence, to dance with Spirit and the Divine.

No one knew this connection more intimately than Michael Jackson. There is no question he was one of the most impactful messengers to visit our planet, using the universal language of music to touch the hearts and souls of many, but he also took it a step further. Through the medium of dance he showed us the rhythm of the Divine as well as […]

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Lessons Learned from Michael: We Are More Than What We See

Michael Angel WingsChances are, we’ve all experienced things in life that we can’t really explain.  Maybe it’s a profound dream we had but aren’t even sure if it was a dream or if it was real. Maybe it’s an uncanny “coincidence” for which there is no logical explanation but it happened to be an answer we were looking for at just the right time or it was simply something that made us look at life differently… with a smile. Maybe it is feeling the presence of a loved one who has crossed over to the other side and though we can’t see them, they have given us a “sign” to let us know they are there.

NOTE: Here is a great blog by intuitive guide, Heaven Leigh, that shares a recent story exemplifying this:

This kind of thing has been commonplace in my life. In fact, it’s become so common that I actually expect it and look forward to the next magical occurrence!  Yet every time it happens, I feel no less giddy and blown away; it always makes me smile with wonderment and greater certainty that we really do live in […]

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Michael Jackson’s Greatness: A Reflection of Getting Out of Our Own Way

michael-jackson-10“He was a person that did not let his mind get in his way… for the dancer became the dance. He did not interfere… and through him not interfering, his greatness was revealed…”

-Quote about Michael Jackson channeled through a spiritual medium, shared in Lisa Brisse’s book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

I will never forget that moment in July of 2012. I write about the details in the book.

I had been encouraged by a trusted friend of mine to experience a group channeling session by a local spiritual medium. Every person in attendance that night would get some kind of message and/or guidance from this channeled entity. I was looking forward to whatever message I was to receive, but never did I imagine it would be a message about Michael, not just for me but for all 40 of us sitting in that room. Whoa.

This entity talked about Michael and his extreme level of excellence and artistry that he naturally exuded. As the mystical messenger said, “He did not let his mind get in the way… for the dancer became the […]

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From Minnesota to Michael: A Journey of Magic & Miracles


When I think back to when the “Michael Miracles” (as I dubbed them) started to occur in my life in the late ’80s, I can hardly believe, to this day, what a journey it has been. I was a Midwestern small-town teenager just trying to find my way through life like every other teenager on the planet. As everyone can most likely attest to, the teenage years were awkward and challenging, and especially for someone like myself who’s heart was calling me to leave my hometown of 900 people, not to mention everyone and everything I knew. I was 18, and though a Michael fan like everyone else at the time, it was then that Michael started to “call” to me in a way that I had never anticipated. It was strange and honestly, I didn’t understand what was happening.  I actually ignored it at first, thinking I was just imagining things.

Being an avid journal writer since I was 12, I found myself at that age really looking at my life differently.  I had just graduated high school (where I actually felt purpose, especially as a player on our basketball team that took 2nd in the 1987 state tournament), but […]

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Into the Darkness… A Gift from Our Soul: A Reflection of Michael as Our Mirror


“But they told me… I’m meant to be faithful… and walk when not able… and fight till the end… but I’m only human.”

-Michael Jackson, Will You Be There?

Yes, Michael was a radiant light that continues to shower the world with his profound love. But Michael’s love and light was only strengthened by his human journey into the darkness, as is true with all of us. Nothing makes us stronger than when we have been taken to our knees – the darkness of our soul – to move past all that is blocking us from our Divine Light. Yet, it is only once we are there that we can rise up with greater wisdom, depth and insight into who we truly are — a child of God — and live from that place that is our soul.

Chapter 18 of my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul, was one of the deepest, most challenging and painful chapters for me to write. It took me over a month to actually finish the first draft because of all of the emotions that […]

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The Book is Out There — The Risk of Baring Our Heart & Soul!

book_coverWell… the book is out there. A project that I have been working on for the last 5 ½ years (since the week after Michael Jackson died in 2009), yet really the story of the Michael magic and miracles that began nearly 30 years ago already, has become manifest in book form as of December 11, 2014.

I can hardly believe it. Gulp.

After living this story (and often wondering what it meant and what it was all for) for so much of my life, it is an understatement to say that I have felt a sense of tremendous relief and release that this book is really out there for the world; it has been nothing less than the birth of a child for me. On one hand, I am excited to share this magical sojourn, guided by Michael himself, that has led me to so many insights into myself but also about life—things that we all can glean from as souls walking through the human condition on Planet Earth. Yes, this excites me! I want to share this all with you!

However, on the other hand, I am human and I will be […]

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From Hatred to Love: A Thought About Tom Sneddon

With the death of Tom Sneddon, it has obviously stirred a lot of energy amongst the MJ Fan community. It brings up old anger and understandably so, but for me, I also find myself in profound bafflement. How could someone have such a vicious and hateful vendetta against a human being who had nothing but love and kindness in his heart for the world, and more importantly, who had done nothing personal to Sneddon himself? I simply could not understand it then and still don’t. Unless we look a little deeper…

With that said, I witnessed the 2005 trial and media frenzy with the same feelings that many of the MJ fans did, but also with many people who weren’t necessarily his fans, yet felt such incredible compassion for Michael and could see that he was obviously being set up. I certainly felt the human emotions, but I also somewhat distanced and allowed myself to step out of the intensity of the human condition, and instead view it from a “higher’ perspective… from the perspective that is only love, the energy that is God and that which unites us all, and yes, even Tom Sneddon. Gulp.

I know it is EXTREMELY difficult […]

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Michael… Our Truest World Citizen: Remembering 9/11

“Because in truth, I believe all men are created equal… I just can’t conceive of how a person could hate another because of skin color.  I love every race on the planet earth. Prejudice is the child of ignorance.”  

–Michael Jackson 


Yes, at the age of 14, I was taken in by the Thriller storm of 1983 like everyone else was. If you had a pulse, it was hard not to be entranced by this already rising, now bursting into the Universe, star named Michael Jackson. Who wasn’t pulled in by the music, the videos and the dancing? Wasn’t everyone trying to do the Moonwalk?

But for me, what pulled me into the soul of Michael Jackson even more than his infectious and contagious rhythms was what happened in 1985, when the song, “We Are the World” came onto the scene…propelled by Michael’s consummate desire to help the world…to help heal the world. Being the abnormally socially aware teenager that I was, I dreamed of the world, and for whatever unknown reason, I had a pull from even a very young age to do something–to help humanity and serve […]

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Happy Birthday, Michael… You Were/Are the Gift in Our Mirror!

MJ heart fence 8.29.14 On August 29th, 1958, the world had changed. A soul had been born who’s mission was to bring hope, love, and unification to a planet that so needed unifying… and still does. In his lifetime here, Michael Joseph Jackson gave the world everything he could… his heart, his soul, his example, but most importantly, his love for who we all are, including this beloved planet.

Michael touched the heart of the world, because the world WAS his heart. In his undying and eternal love, he embraced and held us all. Yes, though it feels like he was gone way too soon, we all know he did more for humanity and the world than many who have walked the planet before. He was the one true world citizen–not bound by race, religion, nationality, or any of the other categories that limit the average person’s existence and experience in and of this world. Michael’s heart beat as ONE with all of ours. He sincerely cared from the depths of his soul and that’s why he touched so many, so profoundly.

hearts fence 3[…]

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He is the Man in Our Mirror… What Do You See?

Wow. I am blown away by the TMZ article released yesterday (  about the “maids” who painted a very ugly picture of Michael being unclean and someone who just peed all over his house. I am beyond speechless.

I promptly shared the article with my mom, Judi Brisse, because she, too, was a housekeeper at Neverland back in the mid ’90s during the very time when Liz Taylor and Oprah were there. She was enraged by this article and these horrible claims by her supposed “co-workers.” She stated clearly to me that nothing was further from the truth! That the house was impeccably clean and so was the “Boss.” She said Michael was not only clean, but respectful, kind and carried himself like royalty in his humble, gentle way. always.

This is a classic case of people who lack integrity and will do anything for money. My mom, too has been contacted by tabloids over the years wanting “dirt” and stories about Michael. She simply doesn’t have any stories (other than positive ones) and has denied their requests, despite their offers to her for money.

It is a shame that, in general, our society is so unhappy within our souls […]

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