“When you wish upon a star, 
Makes no difference who you are…” 


I’m not sure their worlds could’ve been any further apart… In 1981, Michael Jackson was on the verge of superstardom while a little baby horse was born into the toughest of circumstances far far away in a small town in Minnesota. In 1982, they both came into my life and my life would be never the same. And just a couple of days ago, all three of our lives came together for the first time in 33 years.

Even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, looking back, 1982 was obviously a profound year for me. I was 13. I was so fortunate to grow up with two ponies ever since I was five, but now I was ready for my first “big” horse… someone of the likes of the Black Stallion from the famed books and movie at the time. Ironically, other than being a horse, Little Miss, didn’t resemble the Black Stallion in any way. Instead she was a neglected, malnourished yearling who’s mother had died when she was only three months old and was left out in a pasture to survive a Minnesota winter, all on her own. That’s nearly unheard of for a horse so young and it was a wonder she had survived at all. But something inside that special little girl knew if she could just hang on, the rest of her life would be the most magical and miraculous adventure… and one day even lead her to Michael Jackson’s Neverland. Her spirit was determined.

I’ll never forget that summer night I first saw her. She was obviously in need of rescuing. You could see her spine and ribs. Her coat was rough and you could pull it out in clumps. Her hooves were split and her body was gangly. But despite all of that, the sparkle in her eyes and the love and kindness in her heart grabbed mine and it was all over. I had to have her. Little did I know she would be one of my greatest angels and teachers in my life. Little did I know the journey that lie ahead.

Ironically, that was the same year that Michael Jackson came into my life, as he certainly did with so many. With the release of Thriller, this little music lover – thanks to my parents who were musicians and had music playing all the time – was captivated. Who was this Michael Jackson? Wow! Could he dance! He certainly had my attention.


Little Miss and Michael Jackson. Both a HUGE part of my young life, yet worlds apart. Unrelated. Or so I thought…

I have realized that sometimes it takes years to connect the dots and realize that life has had a “plan” for us all along and that nothing that happened was by accident; it all had meaning in the bigger picture, no matter how small.

Amazingly enough, my Little Miss “survived,” but she did more than that… she thrived. With tremendous love she bloomed into the most beautiful horse and companion! Together we rode through our shared adolescence with plenty of tough bumps, to say the least as she had to deal with just a bit of my teenage angst!  Whew!  Somehow we survived and thank God for that!

It was also during that time and in particular, the late ’80s, that a series of “coincidences” that involved Michael Jackson began to happen in my life. They were so surreal and unexplainable, I didn’t know what to do with them. Sometimes they scared me, leaving me to wonder, what in the world was happening? What was Michael Jackson trying to show or teach me about myself and life?


“The Book” by Brett Livingstone-Strong portraying Michael in a Renaissance setting. One of the intriguing and mysterious “messages” Michael sent me along the way.


In 1989, at the age of 20, I took the biggest leap of faith and moved, by myself, to California without knowing a soul! Gulp! Why? I don’t know, but my heart was calling me to trust. Oh my God. To trust what? Jumping off a cliff? Feeling the fear and doing it anyway? I seem to be sweating bullets here as I recall that time!

Sadly, I left my Little Miss in Minnesota, but with the determined dream of one day finding her a place in California too; she needed to be with me. That’s one thing I knew for sure.

My journey led me to the Santa Ynez Valley in October of 1989. In March of 1990, Miss boarded a huge horse transportation truck in the snowy winter of Minnesota and headed across the western United States, on her own, too. A week later, she was in the sunny Santa Ynez Valley and I was in tears! My girl was with me again thanks to a couple of angels, husband and wife, Mike and Susan, who offered their pasture as Miss’s new home and has been her home for the last 25 years!

In April of 1990, my family (mom, dad and my brother) miraculously followed and before we knew it, here we all were in California! What on earth? How did we get here?

The Michael synchronicities (formerly called “coincidences”) continued in the next couple of years eventually leading to my mom, Judi, being offered a job as a housekeeper at Neverland in 1993. She never even applied. Luckily, as one of the “perks” of the job, I got to visit Neverland several times with friends! What a blast! Unfortunately, my absolute BEST friend, Little Miss, was never in attendance.


After all of these (25) years of living in the Santa Ynez Valley and my Little Miss living within seven miles of Neverland, my mom and I decided it was only appropriate that Miss would get an opportunity to visit too, even if just to visit the gate. After all, it only seemed fair. She has been such a huge part of our amazing Michael Jackson story ever since the very beginning in 1982, and along with Michael himself, I believe both have been in cahoots on my life’s journey! They certainly know each other in the realm of spirit. :)

So, this past Sunday, was a magical day. It was a day when worlds that once felt so far apart actually came together. Along with Miss’s little friend, Josh, offering his moral support, Little Miss, the 34 year old, yet timeless magical unicorn got to visit Neverland for the first time! And as fate (or Michael) would have it, our dear friend, David Esdaile – Michael’s horse drawn carriage driver at Neverland in the late ’80s – would be her driver. So appropriate. So magical. And so Michael.

road to neverland

On the road to Neverland.

When I started to feel the call to bring Miss to Neverland a couple of months ago, it was easy to find all the reasons not to, but as I have learned along the way, when the heart calls, we must follow. It took a lot of “elements” to come together to make this little field trip happen and I am so grateful to all who contributed!

Thank you to Mom, David, Josh, Gigi and Stacey for all making Little Miss’s one-time journey to Neverland a reality! Also a special note and thanks to Stacey for making Little Miss’s Renaissance-like outfit to honor Michael’s regal and Renaissance spirit!

neverland unloading

Miss & Josh arrive.

Little Miss with the Neverland gate in the background.

Little Miss with the Neverland gate in the background.

Miss on Figueroa

Miss liking the view on Figueroa Mountain Road

Miss and her "carriage driver", David Esdaile.

Miss and her “carriage driver”, David Esdaile.

Miss looking regal in honor of Michael

Miss looking regal in honor of Michael

Me, Miss & Mom (with Michael in spirit)

Me, Miss & Mom (with Michael in spirit)

Josh telling Miss how pretty she looks and how proud he is of her!

Josh telling Miss how pretty she looks and how proud he is of her!

As Michael wanted us all to know… life is magical when we believe…

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star 

Ah... what a day. What a moment. What a journey it's been. Thank you, Michael & Miss!

Ah… what a day. What a moment. What a journey it’s been. Thank you, Michael & Miss!


With love & light always…


Author, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul