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This deeply spiritual book by author and wellness coach Lisa Brisse brings peace, hope and inspiration to those touched by Michael Jackson’s life and saddened by his death. Lisa explores the pop icon’s inspiring rise to superstardom and equally painful descent into darkness that challenged us all, noting how Jackson’s life reflected the battle of ego and spirit that resonates within us all. Michael was more than a musician; he was the “Man in Our Mirror”.

As a Minnesota teenager and Michael Jackson fan, Lisa’s true story begins in the ‘80s and leads the reader on a journey of startling, “mystical” coincidences — the “Michael Miracles” — that led to the unfathomable reality of her mother working for the King of Pop at his Neverland Ranch. As Lisa’s deeper spiritual connection with Jackson reveals itself over the years, she becomes a mirror herself, reflecting how Michael touched her life through his art and activism, and how he continues to inspire millions today.

For readers seeking deeper understanding of Jackson’s life and purpose, whether revering him as a pure spirit or condemning him for the events leading to his notorious trial and fall from grace, this book offers a fresh perspective as it blends an idyllic Midwestern childhood with the life of one of the most famous people to walk the planet. Through it all, the book affirms Michael’s message: We heal the world when we heal our hearts through love.

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