michael_jackson_angel_by_angysetsugekka-d3h3fim(1)There is beauty in everything. Every single thing. Even in the “death” of someone we love. Even in the “death” of Michael Jackson.

Yes. Beauty.

Now you might be thinking, What? Has she gone mad? How could there be anything other then tremendous sadness – sorrow, actually – and a sense of deep, profound heart aching loss in losing the likes of Michael Jackson… someone who gave his whole life to love others and to heal the world in the process? How could that possibly be beautiful?

It is a valid question; one I have had myself at times. But what I have found in my deeply spiritual life journey – one in which my soul has constantly challenged and literally forced me to look beyond what I see – is that most of what is REAL in this Universe, is NOT what we see, much less what we believe to be true. Rather the true awakening gifts of the soul – our collective soul – lie within our ability to open our minds and hearts and be curious. To be curious as to what Spirit is really revealing to us, instead of being […]