michael pope

Wow. The energy on the planet seems pretty intense at the moment, especially with the Pope here in the U.S. The lunar eclipse with the Supermoon tonight seems to add to the mysticism and feeling that something truly is shifting – something big — and I certainly believe it is.

I know these times can feel a little disturbing and leave us to feel a bit uncomfortable and maybe even scared. This is when the dooms dayers come out with their fears and stir up paranoia in others. I find it interesting that Pope Francis – a man of profound love and humility, not to mention, a man with a vision that is expansive — is causing many to question his motives simply because he is talking about Oneness and Love for all of humanity. You would think that this would be a welcome blessing, yet, so many are afraid. And why?

Let’s ask this… why were people afraid of and threatened by Jesus? Why were many so critical and afraid of Michael? When someone asks us to expand beyond our safe, comfortable boxes that often define who we are, yet painfully […]