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Michael Jackson’s Greatness: A Reflection of Getting Out of Our Own Way

michael-jackson-10“He was a person that did not let his mind get in his way… for the dancer became the dance. He did not interfere… and through him not interfering, his greatness was revealed…”

-Quote about Michael Jackson channeled through a spiritual medium, shared in Lisa Brisse’s book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul

I will never forget that moment in July of 2012. I write about the details in the book.

I had been encouraged by a trusted friend of mine to experience a group channeling session by a local spiritual medium. Every person in attendance that night would get some kind of message and/or guidance from this channeled entity. I was looking forward to whatever message I was to receive, but never did I imagine it would be a message about Michael, not just for me but for all 40 of us sitting in that room. Whoa.

This entity talked about Michael and his extreme level of excellence and artistry that he naturally exuded. As the mystical messenger said, “He did not let his mind get in the way… for the dancer became the […]

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From Minnesota to Michael: A Journey of Magic & Miracles


When I think back to when the “Michael Miracles” (as I dubbed them) started to occur in my life in the late ’80s, I can hardly believe, to this day, what a journey it has been. I was a Midwestern small-town teenager just trying to find my way through life like every other teenager on the planet. As everyone can most likely attest to, the teenage years were awkward and challenging, and especially for someone like myself who’s heart was calling me to leave my hometown of 900 people, not to mention everyone and everything I knew. I was 18, and though a Michael fan like everyone else at the time, it was then that Michael started to “call” to me in a way that I had never anticipated. It was strange and honestly, I didn’t understand what was happening.  I actually ignored it at first, thinking I was just imagining things.

Being an avid journal writer since I was 12, I found myself at that age really looking at my life differently.  I had just graduated high school (where I actually felt purpose, especially as a player on our basketball team that took 2nd in the 1987 state tournament), but […]

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