“But they told me… I’m meant to be faithful… and walk when not able… and fight till the end… but I’m only human.”

-Michael Jackson, Will You Be There?

Yes, Michael was a radiant light that continues to shower the world with his profound love. But Michael’s love and light was only strengthened by his human journey into the darkness, as is true with all of us. Nothing makes us stronger than when we have been taken to our knees – the darkness of our soul – to move past all that is blocking us from our Divine Light. Yet, it is only once we are there that we can rise up with greater wisdom, depth and insight into who we truly are — a child of God — and live from that place that is our soul.

Chapter 18 of my book, Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror, A Reflection of Our Collective Soul, was one of the deepest, most challenging and painful chapters for me to write. It took me over a month to actually finish the first draft because of all of the emotions that […]